Get to Know Us

We are a fast growing firm, specializing in providing IT support to our various clients.

We are a Nigerian based company with focus in IT - Hardware | Web development | Storage and Data Solutions | Power solutions and other key areas..

With well organized distribution network, we procure and supply the IT and Engineering needs of our clients. We ensure that nothing but the best quality is provided.

Our team, comprised of experienced individuals, offer quality service to meet the IT and Engineering needs of any business.

Our Vision

To build a reputation as the most trusted, admired innovative Telecommunication Technology Company in the West African Sub-region.

The Mission of being truly a regional company drives us in taking advantage of modern technology to constantly redesign our packages - providing fast, efficient and competitive service to our client.

Our Services

Maintenance Services

Setup of new network infrastructure and maintenance of existing network infrastructure .

Security Systems

Delivery security solution through Access Control Systems - Biometric, Card, keypads | IP cameras and Closed Circiut TV (CCTV).


Installation and Implementation of IP Telephony Solution: Video Conferencing / Virtual PABX.

Procurement - IT & Engineering

Offering high quality products from big-named OEMs to support the ever growing IT sector of small, medium and big businesses.

Project Management

The concept of "being ahead of schedule" result in our delivering IT and Engineering projects from inception to completion within acceptable timeline. All the while giving priority to the safety of both our people and client.

Web Development

Windows Application Development | HTML5 | ASP.NET | JS - Front End Development and UX/UI Design.

Let's Work Together!

Supported OEMs

Computers Hardware| Data Center Solution

Power and Energy Solutions


Happy Clients!